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Robotically Welded Lifter Ring – Large Production Runs with more Consistency

This is an example of one of our higher volume productions. One of our larger customers was making the part shown above in house. The job called for running 40,000 pieces per year. They were having trouble keeping up with their production schedule by hand welding each component. They came to Double H for help. Now, Double H receives the laser cut blanks and then bends and robot welds the parts together. The robotic welder can weld parts faster and more consistently than that which can be done by human hands. Our work on this project helped to put our customer back on schedule with a better quality product and saved them some money which helped their bottom line.
Double H Robotic Welding Lifter Ring Process
Services Provided:

  • High Volume production; Fast, Affordable, and Consistent
  • Bending
  • Robotic welding
  • Engineering and Redesigning
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • 5 Feb, 2015
  • Double H

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