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Fontaine Modification to Install FlowBelow™ Fuel-saving System for Fleets

FlowBelow Aero, Inc. has authorized Fontaine Modification Fleet Services to install and distribute its patented FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™, a system of aerodynamic wheel covers and tractor tandem fairings. This agreement enables Fontaine to offer customers a complete aerodynamic system to manage the airflow around the rear wheels of a Class 8 tractor, providing significant fuel savings.

“The FlowBelow design is ruggedly engineered and measures up to the high quality standards of Fontaine and our mutual customers,” says Jamil Young, president, Fontaine Modification Fleet Services. “With the FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit, we can offer fleets a consistently high-quality, fuel-saving opportunity even if they are ordering trucks from multiple locations or OEMs.”

For today’s fleets, improving fuel mileage plays an important role in competitiveness. The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit is an effective and affordable aftermarket option for improving tractor aerodynamics. It has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by more than 2 percent through independent, third-party tests including SAE Type II, wind tunnel, CFD modeling and on-road fleet tests.

Fontaine has completed more than 300 post-production FlowBelow AeroKit installations. Long-haul fleets typically report a return on investment within a year.

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  • 18 Feb, 2016
  • Double H Author

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